Airzone resources

Thank you for your interest in Airzone! We have some guidelines for using the resources of the Airzone brand .Please, take a moment to familiarize with them. You can download the files individually. To get them all, download the compressed file.

Before using our brand, please read our IDENTITY MANUAL.


Corporate colors


Pantone Color : Pantone 303 C

CMJN Color: CMJN (100, 73, 51, 59)

RBG Color : RGB (2, 42, 58)


Pantone Color : Pantone 633 C

CMJN Color : CMJN (100, 32, 26, 11)

RBG Color : RGB (0, 114, 151)


We remind you these resources are protected by the Intellectual Copyright Laws, so please use them correctly.

  • Do not alter these images at any time or combine with other resources without the explicit written approval.
  • Do not use these resources as part of your own product, service or business.
  • Do not use these resources in a way that implies a relationship, affiliation or promotion of your product, service or business with Airzone.