The Easyzone solution is a fully integrated Plug & Play system for zoning duct units.

Easyzone can manage from 2 to 6 independent zones by means of a plenum with motorized gates. Easyzone adapts to installations with equipment of the main brands of direct expansion 1×1 and VRF just like Water Fan-coil.

The Flexa 3.0 control system together with the gateway controller integrated in the Easyzone, allows the synchronized operation of the motorized gates and the air conditioning equipment. In addition, thanks to the energy efficiency algorithms, your Easyzone will be able to improve the performance of the system. This makes it possible to adapt the operation of the equipment to the needs of each zone at any time.

Easyzone equipment has eu.bac certification that guarantees energy savings in the facilities and an accuracy of control of 0.3 K of the temperature, both in cooling and heat mode. The Easyzone plenum installation is the best choice for projects seeking a high level of energy efficiency.

Easyzone system benefits

There are numerous technical and economic advantages to installing an Airzone zoned air conditioning system, as opposed to a non-zoned Inverter.

  1. Reduces the power to be installed
  2. Easier installation and commissioning
  3. Simplifies and reduces maintenance costs
  4.  Reduces the amount of refrigerant gas in circulation
  1. Increased energy efficiency
  2. Improves energy rating
  3. Improves the user’s thermal comfort
  4. Centralized management of the operating mode
easyzone zoning 3d

Easyzone is available in three models


The Standard Airzone Motorized Plenum has a neck that allows mechanical adaptation to the duct units of the main brands. It includes 200 mm diameter circular motorized gates and a 150 mm independent inlet for controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV). This makes it possible to use the network of supply ducts for air renewal. The height of the Plenum Easyzone Standard is 300 mm, which can be selected with 2 to 6 dampers.

Plenum Easyzone Standard mas VMC


The slim plenum model is mechanically smaller to fit low silhouette equipment. It includes 150 mm diameter circular motorized gates and a separate 150 mm controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV) inlet. The Easyzone Slim Plenum can be chosen with 2 to 5 motorized gates, reaching a height of 210 mm.

Plenum Easyzone Slim con VMC


The Easyzone Medium Plenum combines features of the Slim and Standard versions. It is composed of motorized gates with a diameter of 200 mm. Ideal for those installations that have a reduced height in the drop ceiling or do not need an independent ventilation network. This plenum has a height of 250 mm in all its configurations. You can choose from 2 to 6 motorized gates.

Plenum Easyzone Medium

Configure your Easyzone Plenum in 3 easy steps


All the gates are mounted and wired in a body that mechanically adapts to each model of the main manufacturers in the market. The Easyzone motorized plenum box is insulated and incorporates all the fixing elements necessary to complete the installation (ceiling or flange fixing for adjusting the flexible duct). It also incorporates a regulation mechanism on motorized dampers to adjust the maximum flow or maintain a minimum air support.