Distributed System

Innobus Pro 32 is a system designed for controlling all types of installations, even those which combine zoning systems, individual AC units and/or underfloor heating or cooling.

Esquema de conexión Innobus

The system achieves these benefits by combining grille and damper control modules, gateway modules for individual units and control modules for radiating and cooling elements. The communication gateways with Inverter or VRF units, with zoned VRF or with the production control board, are connected to the main control board. Centralized management of the systems is achieved via Webserver Airzone Cloud or by integrating them in building automation systems.


  • Individual control of up to 32 zones.
  • Integrated control of the AC units thanks to the communication gateways.
  • Control of individual units through communications or infrareds.
  • Eco-Adapt energy efficiency algorithm.
  • Flow distribution through Q-adapt algorithm.
  • System output configurable for the activation of supplementary boilers or mechanical ventilation.
  • Start-stop relay output.
  • All modules can be connected to wired or wireless thermostats.
  • Anti-condensation protection.
  • Notifications of the AC unit errors on Airzone thermostats.
  • Compatible with production unit and ventilation unit control boards,


  • Configuration of the operating modes.
  • Automatic power off by window contact.
  • Delayed power off by presence detection.
  • Input for supplementary temperature probe.
  • Control of the angle of the slats.
  • Control of the slats of cassettes or splits.
  • One thermostat per zone to control the air conditioning.