What is Airzone?

Airzone means zoning. Now you can control all your zones independently with a single integrated system. Our systems incorporate control algorithms to optimize the control options. Moreover, they are really easy to use thanks to our intuitive thermostats.

No more complicated installations. No more integration problems. With Airzone, you can reduce the installation and set-up process, use a single unit for all zones or even add individual units to your system.




Air conditioning consumption represents 40% of the total spending of a house or apartment on electrical energy and up to 60% in the case of the offices. Just integrating an Airzone system with your Inverter unit, you can reduce this cost by up to 53 %.



The ideal temperature for each zone with the comfort that only Airzone offers. You will have full control of the air conditioning of your house or office from any place and at any time through your computer, tablet or smartphone.



Thanks to the energy efficiency algorithms and the communication gateways, our systems can be integrated with all types of AC units.  Moreover, they can also be integrated with other control systems such as building automation or home automation systems.

Communication Gateway

Our R&D staff has created the cornerstone of our solutions: the communication gateway. They enable our systems to communicate  with Inverter or VRF units, hydronic units and radiant or ventilation elements.

That how our systems can be easily integrated with the main HVAC manufacturers in the market. Connectivity at its finest.

What is Airzone? Pro

How does it work?

Airzone systems are composed of three types of elements: a thermostat per zone or room, air supply units (grilles or dampers, electrovalves and individual units) and a main control board that analyzes the information and regulates the production units and the air supply units.

Moreover, Airzone systems can also control home automation sytems. Control your whole home or office through your thermostat. Much more than only air conditioning. Raise or lower shutters and switch on and off your lights.

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