Airzone Cloud

Airzone Cloud is the solution that connects air-conditioning to the digital world. Thanks to the union of Webserver Airzone, cloud technology and the Airzone Cloud mobile app, the user has total control over their installation, anywhere and any time.


The complete control experience


Adapt the app’s look and feel to your needs. Create personalised scenes for the system to manage air-conditioning based on your preferences.


The complete control experience


It adapts the app’s look and feel to user needs and installation features.

The complete control experience


It offers a graphic record of the system’s performance log.

The complete control experience


Airtools monitors system parameters in real time, reporting possible performance errors.
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The Airzone Cloud application


The Airzone Cloud mobile application transforms the user’s smartphone into an enhanced air-conditioning installation remote control. The additional functions provided include indoor air quality control, energy use measurements or the weather forecast.


Voice control

Thanks to the Airzone Cloud solution, air-conditioning systems can be integrated with voice controllers such as Amazon Assistant and Google Home. The control options are defined by the controller’s intelligence: switch on/off, change mode, change temperature, scene implementation and other integrated devices. The extended control options are available in the Airzone Cloud mobile app.


Any time, anywhere

Airzone Cloud adds one of the functionalities most highly-rated by users to an air-conditioning system: connectivity. The possibility of checking and monitoring installation status at any time, from anywhere, delivers the capacity to manage levels of comfort, power and air quality in houses, offices or commercial premises.


Airzone Webserver and Aidoo

The Airzone Webserver allows users to control multi-zone systems from anywhere using the Airzone Cloud app, turning a computer or a smartphone into the air-conditioning installation’s control interface. Aidoo controllers perform the same function for individual units. Both devices become the gateways to access the remote assistance provided by Airzone.


Remote assistance 

Both Airzone Webserver and Aidoo devices deliver the possibility of obtaining remote technical support and updates. This substantially reduces installation, configuration and troubleshooting times, not to mention maintenance costs, while also improving customer satisfaction.

The use of the Airzone Webserver with its remote support and update options extends the service life of the air-conditioning’s control system.


Discover the thermostats that are compatible with Airzone Cloud

The Airzone thermostats are an indispensable part of the system since they are tasked with measuring the area’s comfort variables. They also act as local control interfaces to give the user greater comfort in managing their area. Different thermostat models are available depending on specific installation and usage requirements: wired or wireless, with total or limited control.