Control solution that optimizes the production and lets you control multiple elements: heating and cooling by diffusers or grilles, zoned fan coils, individual fan coils and underfloor heating/cooling.


Simple solution for combining heating control and air conditioning. Ideal to avoid having too many thermostats and to control your system remotely. Airzone systems are provided with energy efficiency algorithms that boost energy savings.


Airzone combines air conditioning and ventilation control and enables you to use freecooling and to control the indoor air quality.


It is really common to find offices where ducted air conditioning units are combined with other individual units such as cassettes or splits. A perfect solution for this cases is zoning the ducted network, controlling the individual AC units and so manage all the system from a single control point.


One of the most popular solutions for hotels is the one composed by water chillers and individual fan coils (often combined with bathroom radiators). Airzone offers fully-integrable systems that are easy to control for maintenance managers and intuitive and easy to use for the customers.