The warranty (and its extension) will only be valid if the installation is made up entirely of items manufactured and distributed by the Airzone Clima S.L. brand, both on a mechanical level (motorized grilles) as well as on an electronic level (Airzone twisted shielded bus cable, main control board, thermostats and gateway).

A copy of the receipt for the installation issued by the installer must be submitted in order to activate the extension of the warranty. The original receipt must have been issued a maximum of 3 months prior to requesting the extension of the warranty.

The User may only obtain an extension of the warranty on one single occasion per installation.

All products, and any of the components that make them up, that have been substituted or replaced by Airzone Clima S.L. shall become property of the company.


This warranty expressly excludes labor and travel for periodic inspections, maintenance, repairs and replacement of parts, including the replacement of worn parts due to the normal use of the product.

Products are excluded from this warranty when their defects have not been caused by Airzone Clima S.L, but instead correspond to:

  1. Mechanical damage arising as a result of transport
  2. Damage caused by improper use or storage
  3. Defects arising after the sale, due to incidents such as fires or floods
  4. Defects caused by electrical accidents
  5. Damage caused by modifications, repairs, extensions or installations carried out by non-qualified personnel, or that intentionally or unintentionally breach the installation instructions
  6. Damage generated by an installation or use that does not conform to current technical and safety standards (electrotechnical and low voltage regulations, as well as other regulations that may affect heating and air conditioning systems, safety, plumbing, etc.)
  7. Damage caused by improper use or use that is not compliant with the specifications set forth in the installation and user manuals
  8. Non-availability of legible serial numbers

Accessories, items with limited life and operating materials are excluded from the extension of the warranty.

In the event that the applicant for the extension has an irregular situation regarding his/her payments to the installer, the extension of the warranty shall be subject to payment of the amounts due.

Airzone Clima S.L. will not be liable for the lack of provision of warranty services in cases in which the repair or replacement of products cannot be carried out due to reasons unrelated to Airzone Clima S.L., such as import restriction in certain territories or legal provisions that prevent them from taking place.

The equipment to be repaired should not contain personal or confidential data, and Airzone Clima S.L. is therefore not responsible for the data and information contained in the equipment to be repaired.

In the event that any of the data provided are deemed to be incorrect or do not comply with the Terms and Conditions, the extension of the warranty shall not be processed.


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his promotion will be governed by Spanish legislation, which shall apply in all matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions regarding the interpretation, validity and implementation of this promotion and its Terms and Conditions.

For any dispute that may arise in the interpretation or implementation of these Terms and Conditions, the Users expressly submit themselves to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Malaga, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that could apply to them, unless the User has the status of consumer, in which case the parties will be submitted to the courts and tribunals of the consumer’s domicile.

Date of the last update: 02-05-2018