Airzone, european leading company in ducted HVAC systems control, has a highly-qualified staff that work really hard to offer the best products and services.

Colaboración con todos los profesionales del sector de la climatización

Our work is focused on research, development, production and product distribution of products and innovative services aimed for improving the energy efficiency and the comfort.

In addition, we are continuously undertaking new projects thanks to corporate compliance agreements with other technological centres, research centres and other international companies.


The excellence is the base of all the activities developed by Airzone. For that reason, our products and services always meet the highest quality standards:

· ISO9001: Our Quality Management System is certified in accordance to the international UNE-EN ISO 9001 regulation.

· ISO14001: Our Quality Management System is certified in accordance to the international UNE-EN ISO 14001 regulation.

· ISO27001: Information Security Management System certified according to the international standard UNE-EN ISO 27001.


· EMC: Electromagnetic compatibility.
· SE: Electrical safety.
· RF: Radiofrequency.
· US FCC: Federal Communications Commission.
· Intertek: 4008862 UL Listed.
· BREEAM: Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology.


As a responsible company, our commitment to the environment is renovated every day. Our main goal is to minimize the impact our services and our products have on the environment.

Garantía nacional e internacional de calidad y desarrollo sostenible

Airzone invests plenty of time and effort to create the most efficient products and to favour energy-saving practices in order to reduce polluting emissions.

Airzone has worked for almost two decades following a technological model that produces eco-friendly components and systems and extends the service life of all its products.

The Company meets the highest environmental standards and respects the main existing directives on recycling of electronic components, residues and surpluses, sustainable development and restriction of hazardous substances.

Producción que respeta el medio ambiente