RadianT365 system

Airzone’s smart zoning solution
now also for radiator control

Why RadianT365 for radiators?

RadianT365 is also suitable for your building’s central heating. Airzone wireless thermostatic heads allow you to zone your radiator heating system. A wireless, Plug&Play solution.

Temperaturas independientes.


Programaciones horarias.


Gestión a distancia.


Previsión del tiempo.


Integración con domótica.

Integration with
home automation

Benefits of RadianT365

Compared to a non-zoned system


Thermal discomfort.

Control of the temperature from a single point.

Manual regulation not based on the temperature.

Higher energy consumption.

Installations with no additional protection.


Possibility of turning off unoccupied zones.

Control of the room temperature in each zone.

Safety functions: anti-freezing, anti-scale and child lock.

Savings in operating costs.

Efficient control and management of production units such as boilers and recirculation pumps.

Where can RadianT365 for radiators be applied?

RadianT365 system elements for radiators

Enjoy all the advantages of the RadianT365 system with just 3 components:
electronic elements, Airzone interfaces and Airzone Cloud Webserver

Electronic elements

These allow zoned control of up to 8 zones and 10 wireless thermostatic heads.

1. Main control board

This is the electronic equipment responsible for the management of the system, using wired and wireless devices. Cloud connectivity through Airzone webserver (included).

2. Wireless valve control module

Module for communication with wireless thermostatic heads. Improves signal range thanks to its flexible location at any point in the installation.

3. Electronic head

Plug&Play head with a simple connection between module and radiator valve that allows individual control of the rooms.

4. Airzone Blueface Thermostat

Included in the system, it is a graphic interface that allows you to locally control and configure all the zones of the system.

5. Zone Interfaces

Optionally, a zone control interface can be added to optimize temperature measurement.


Easy to install

Plug&Play installation. Once the head is connected and linked, it’s ready to use. The head has adapters to enable it to control valves from different manufacturers.


Child lock

This function allows you to deactivate the manual control to protect the device and prevent children from activating any function by accident.


Management of production

RadianT365 controls the production unit and recirculation pumps efficiently and adapted to the needs of the installation.


Comfort with radiators

With Airzone control technology, we guarantee comfort thanks to the smart regulation of different temperatures according to the needs of each zone.


Safety in the installation

The anti-freezing function prevents the freezing of pipes and the anti-blocking function prevents obstruction or the accumulation of residues in the pipes. The use of these functions provides safety and guarantees the efficient operation of the installation.


Certified protocols

Our control gateways are developed in collaboration with leading manufacturers. Thanks to the two-way communication with the production unit, a total integration of the system is guaranteed.

Airzone interfaces


Airzone Blueface

The Airzone Blueface thermostat with color capacitive touchscreen and graphic interface is the most complete thermostat and offers all the Airzone system’s control and configuration possibilities.

Color: black or white  |  Wired

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Airzone Think

Airzone Think

The Airzone Think thermostat features a graphic electronic ink screen and capacitive buttons to control the zone. The wireless model features low power consumption and long battery life.

Color: black or white  |  Wired and wireless

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Airzone Lite

Airzone Lite

The Airzone Lite thermostat is based on simplicity. It allows basic zone control by means of capacitive buttons and status LEDs.

Color: black or white  |  Wired and wireless

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Control your system from anywhere

The Airzone Cloud Webserver allows you to control all the functions of your Airzone system with the apps available for Android and iOS or through airzonecloud.com. Now with the included Webserver take advantage of an extra year of warranty for your entire system.¹